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 ARE YOU READY TO take YOUR dream to the next level?

Are you trying to start your business while working full-time? Are you struggling to make consistent revenue in your business? Are you a new entrepreneur who’s looking for support to DIY in your biz?  Well, struggle no more. You're in the right place.


If you’re just getting started, or have started a business but don’t have consistent income, it can be difficult to invest in high-end coaching packages with little money to take care of your family and invest in your business.  I totally get it! I've been there.  But. . . .what if you had access to content that supported you in getting started and creating a business that brings in consistent revenue? What if you had training, laser coaching, a monthly group coaching call, and resources that helped you start your business, book clients, network with other like-minded women, AND taught you how to create a profitable business? What if you had ALL of this, at the cost of your cable bill, or monthly entertainment? 




When you’re starting or growing a business you need business-marketing knowledge, skills and support to build an empire that makes money. The Elevate Society for Female Entrepreneurs is designed to give you just that. You will receive monthly training and tools which will have you mastering your mindset, building sales funnels, creating passive income streams, booking discovery calls and more! The goal is to give you the knowledge, skills, training & resources you need to begin making money in your business. I want The Elevate Society to more than pay for itself each month, so I’m packing it full of value and resources that will allow you to take the strategies, expertise, support and implement them to start generating income that will support you in creating the profitable five, or six-figure business you desire.


 What is the elevate society?:

The Elevate Society is a network, member site, and sisterhood of female entrepreneurs supporting each other in business. It is a business resource with monthly training, mini-courses, resources, & laser coaching to support the new female entrepreneur in getting her business started. ALL without breaking the bank. It is a learn while you go, DIY business resource at your fingertips.


who is the elevate society for?

  • T.E.S is for life, business, health, career, coaches, creatives, and service based entrepreneurs who are just starting out and don’t know where to start.
  • Women working 9 to 5 who desire to learn more, to leave their jobs and start an online business.
  • Female entrepreneurs who are struggling to make consistent monthly income.
  • Ladies who are NEW and looking for DIY strategies with support.
  • Female entrepreneurs who have been in business for LESS than 1 year, and are looking for support, resources, collaboration and accountability in their businesses.


WHO The Elevate Society is Not for

  • It’s not for women who are making, or have made 5-figure months or more in their business.
  • It’s not for entrepreneurs who want to play fast and loose with business ethics.
  • It’s not for the excuse makers, complainers or whiners.
  • And, it's not for anyone who is not motivated, committed or ready to invest in themselves to ELEVATE their life and business,


here’s what’s inside:

  1. Business, marketing training, tools and resources in: List building, client attraction, content creation, visibility strategy, booking discovery calls, developing your ideal client and market research, pricing & packaging your offers, lead magnet ideas & how to create a lead magnet that converts, with MORE training, resources, & mini courses being added each month).
  2. Mini-courses that will help you to get REAL results (coming summer, 2017).
  3. Weekly laser coaching with a high-end Marketing Strategist & Business Coach.
  4. Weekly laser coaching & accountability in the community.
  5. A place to collaborate with other like-minded female entrepreneurs.
  6. Private/secret members only portal with access to trainings & resources.
  7. Private members ONLY Facebook community.
  8. Early bird access to new programs, coaching & training giveaways, specials, discounts and more with Elevate U!
  9. Guest Expert Masterclasses (coming soon).
  10. Opportunities to be featured as a guest speaker, blogger, or interviewee.



Who Am I, and WHY did I create The Elevate Society?

Hi, I’m Jacqueline L. Long, a Marketing Strategist and Business Builder whose passion for teaching brought me into the world of Business Coaching. I’m a former VP of Human Resources, college professor, mom, avid reader, wine & pizza lover, who loves traveling and helping others to elevate and achieve success.

One of the most important things I’d like you know to know about me is that I was once where you are. I come from a "corporate" background, just like you. There was a time when I was struggling with a 9-5, family responsibilities and pursuing my education, all while trying to start a business. I know that transitioning to entrepreneurship isn’t easy, even if you have 18 years of professional experience backing you like I do. While I invested in 1:1 coaching, I wasn't always able to invest in the programs that I wanted because of my financial responsibilities. BUT, I made small investments in trainings and membership programs and got whatever ongoing help I could until I was able to invest in my first high-end 1 to 1 coach. I knew that without support and learning the skills that I needed to market my business, I would never make it as an entrepreneur with a thriving business, making my own money, with the freedom to be my own boss, service who I really wanted to work with, set my own hours, and raise my prices when I wanted. This is what I TRULY desired.

Entrepreneurship is an industry all its own and you will have to learn HOW to market your business by investing to learn the skills and "know how", to market your business and make money. You will also need ongoing support and knowledge to stay on track with building your business dream.

I created The Elevate Society for Female Entrepreneurs because I wanted there to be an affordable business training program and resource for women who are committed to building their dream and serious about getting started in business. I don't want you to delay starting your dream because you can't afford (high-end) coaching. I genuinely want to help women create a better life for themselves and for their families. My former staff and clients will tell you, I’m a client-centered coach, with high standards, who is patient, no nonsense, but supportive to those who are committed and really want it. And those are some of the highest compliments I could hope for.

Join US IN The Elevate Society Today. . .

Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing and begin to elevate your business for less thana cup of Starbucks coffee a day (less than $2 daily)!


Frequently asked questions:

Will I make money being a member?  The trainings in T.E.S are designed to help you make revenue in your business. However, like any business, it ALL depends on you and your efforts. What you put into it, you will get out of it. Therefore, we cannot GUARANTEE that you will make money. But, I am confident that if you apply the trainings, implement them, & ask questions, you can begin to make money in your business.

Will I receive one to one (1:1) coaching in TES?  No. T.E.S is a member site and network with trainings and resources to help you build your business. You will receive laser coaching in the private community and opportunities during the monthly group call, or FB live to ask all of your business questions. However, this is NOT a 1:1 coaching program, that will provide one to one coaching guidance or support. Please see the work with me section of this site for 1 to 1 coaching offers.

What is your REFUND policy? The original nature and copyright of the material inside of the member site makes all sales FINAL. There are NO refunds.

Is there a long term commitment? Absolutely not. There is no commitment. You can complete your month, and cancel at any time. However, once you have canceled, re-enrollment will NOT be permitted to protect the integrity of the site material.




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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please NOTE that due to original material & content available, there are NO REFUNDS, once access is gained.