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THE VAULT was designed to give you business support and training that teaches you to start making money in your business TODAY. The resources and trainings when implemented, will have you booking calls, building your list, and creating content that attracts your dream clients.

WHO IS THIS FOR: New female coaches & serviced based entrepreneurs who are NOT ready to invest in one to one coaching programs, but desire support & direction to get started on a very low cost, bootstrap budget.

RESULTS: Learn how to book your first client, list build, create passive income, develop lead magnets that convert, book & convert sales calls and so much MORE. This program is designed to teach you how to make your monthly return on investment (ROI) for the program. Create ONE passive income product, or book and convert 1 client, and you have paid for your membership and, possibly doubled your income for the month. The trainings in this program are designed to give you concrete results.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE:  One NEW masterclass/training, or resource toolkit monthly. You will receive access to the membershipportal where you will have access to current and your previous months training via the site. When you become a member, you'll receive access to your FIRST resource, The Ultimate Client Attraction Toolkit.

The VALUE of these training & resources start at $49 and UP per training, so you will receive jam packed value for an affordable monthly membership fee.


(1) A ONE time ONLY 30 -Minute Coaching session, when you become a member.

(2) Invitation to ONE Q & A group coaching call monthly with The Elevate Society.

You will ALSO receive occasional early bird offers, BONUS resources & discounts on Elevate U coaching, products and services.

Get access to your personal MONTHLY business library of resources to start booking clients and making money in your business for ONLY


                                                               ( LIMITED TIME ONLY. Price is going up)


Your FIRST training will be delivered to your email when you join.



1. Am I guaranteed to make money in my business?

The trainings are designed to help you learn the skills necessary to make money in your business. If implemented with consistency, you can make revenue in your business. However, there are so variables involved in making money online, like anything else in life, it is not guaranteed.

2. Is this 1 to 1 coaching?

While you will be receive ONE complimentary coaching session when you start, this will not provide 1 to 1 coaching, or group Q & A coaching. You will receive access to training/resources only.

3. Can I cancel my membership at anytime? Yes. There is not contract or required length of time.

4. How is this different to The Elevate Society? While The Vault is also a membership program, The Elevate Society provides FULL access to all trainings, resources, and masterclasses, with several monthly Q & A coaching support, and a private community Live masterclasses, and ongoing laser coaching for additional support. The Vault provides access to training/resources only.

5. Can I upgrade to The Elevate Society? Yes, you can upgrade to the Elevate Society at anytime. Just submit the upgrade request to support@JacquelineLLong.com.

6. Is there a REFUND?

To protect the integrity and copyright of the material, we do not provide refunds because once the material has been accessed, it is considered consumed (i.e. used, read, and/or reviewed). However, you are welcome to cancel at anytime.

It is important that you notify us of cancellation 7 days in advance, to ensure that your recurring billing is discontinued. Once you've been charged, you will need to finish out the rest of your monthly membership.