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                   THE BEST FIT FOR THIS PROGRAM:

The Elevate U, Book Your First Client 1:1 Coaching is perfect for the new, or aspiring coach who desires to get the foundation pieces of her business in place, within a shorter period of time. This program is ideal for the woman who does NOT work, or works part-time and has time to get started atpace. This is a value packed, intensive program designed to set you up for booking your first clients, positioning yourself as the expert in your niche, building your list, and making incremental strides in your business revenue.



As you delve into this new world of entrepreneurship, you will find that it's very different from that of 9 to 5 thinking. What sets the top 1 % apart, is the way they think about wealth, abundance, and success. All successful entrepreneurs have established wealth and abundance mindset that demonstrates optimism, determination and unlimited beliefs about what they can accomplish financially.  Learn the tenets and practices of the entrepreneurial mindset that will set you up for success, and achieving the financial goals that you truly desire for your new business and life. To begin, we will:

  1. Understand your past and current relationship with money and how it may be holding you back in your business. Transform that history to a new money story, where you attract the wealth and abundance you currently desire to achieve.
  2.  Develop a new set of wealth beliefs that support your business desires.
  3.  Establish a daily abundance and gratitude mindset practice, that guides and supports you in welcoming more of the wealth you desire.
  4. Get clear on what you truly desire for your business-life, and the internal/external factors that will drive you to achieving them.



One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is to skip the very important process of getting clear on who they serve, and how to help them, through target market research. While target market research is important, what is MOST important to get to know is your, "ideal client".  Your entire marketing strategy - packages, pricing, lead magnet, copy/messaging, training programs, and more, rely heavily on your ideal client and what she desires. The more focused you are on getting to know her, the better you can develop a marketing strategy that produces results. Here, we will work together to:

  1. Establish your IDEAL client. Who is that ONE person that you both enjoy working with and want to service in your business.
  2. Determine your ideal clients' desires, needs, challenges, and problems, and how you can help her.
  3. Learn to use dynamic language in your copy, that both resonates with your ideal client, attracts her, and makes her want to work with you.
  4. Discover the places your ideal client hangs out online, so that you can design a strategy to attract her.



Now that you are clear on who you service, let's get down to helping your ideal client. Designing a signature package, and offer that attracts your client is key to achieving your financial goal of 4, or 5 figure months. Creating your signature package will include:

  1. Designing a package that your ideal client cannot refuse.
  2. Establishing the benefits of your package. Flushing out and getting clear on how your package helps, or benefits your ideal client.
  3. Pricing your package at a rate that feels both perfect to you in achieving your financial goals, and feasible for your ideal client.



"The money is in the list". This is the fundamental of online marketing. List building and an exceptional lead magnet/opt-in that speaks to your ideal clients desires, challenges, will allow you to create a profitable and sustainable business over the long-term. Together we will create a sexy, sassy sales funnel that SELLS, starting with a kick but opt-in, or lead magnet to a no brainer offer, that converts quickly. Show off your value and develop the know, like and trust factor, by creating a sales funnel that makes working with you beneficial to your ideal client.

  1. Design your lead magnet/opt-in.
  2. Set up your sales funnel and email sequence.
  3. Identify 3 major list building strategies, that you will implement monthly to build your list.
  4. Establish what content you need to develop weekly, to communicate and connect with your ideal client, to book weekly discovery calls.



Creating a solid foundation with optimal systems and structures is essential to having a smooth running efficient and effective business. Here we look at automating aspects of your business and setting up major systems to onboard clients, book more discovery calls, and build your list effortlessly. Together we will implement:

  1. Learn tools and resources you will need for your business.
  2. Set up your list to begin list building efforts.
  3. Implement a client welcome and on-boarding process.
  4. Create client discovery call scheduling and booking system.
  5. Discover other important business elements that you will need to protect and grow your business.



You are now ready to get visible online and show up as the expert that you are in your coaching niche. A visibility strategy is key to marketing your offer and business. You've done the work and now your ideal client needs to know who you are, what you offer, and how she can work with you. We will work together so that you are able to:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise to reach your ideal client.
  2. Learn how and what to post to attract your ideal client.
  3. Design compelling posts that resonate with your ideal client.
  4. Promote your offers, grow your list and increase your client following.
  5. Network and establish connections and potential business collaborations.



The sales process begins with booking discovery calls. But, when you have a client on the phone, you will have to know how to conduct the call to convert to more sales for your business.  I will support you in learning how to:

  1.  Increase your confidence around selling.
  2. Master your sales conversation, in a way that's not pushy or salesy.
  3.  Book and convert more calls to paying clients.
  4.  Learn how to discuss your coaching packing and show value in your offer, that your ideal client cannot refuse.
  5. Overcome sales call objections like, "I can't afford it", or "I have to think about it.


                    INTENSIVE COACHING RESULTS: 

At the completion of this program, you will be on the way to a NEW outlook on wealth and abundance in which you view attaining a six-figure business as ABSOLUTELY possible and do-able. You will have clarity on who you service, what you desire in your business, and packages and services that solve the problems and desires of your ideal client. You will have a sales funnel that converts quickly and solid strategy for visibility and booking discovery calls. You will be able to conduct calls without sounding pushy, that convert to paying clients. This program will prepare you to book your VERY first client and get paid now.



  1. On-boarding welcome packet and assignment.
  2. (8) - 45-minute 1:1 weekly coaching sessions.
  3. Access to wealth consciousness reading.
  4. Unlimited e-Mail support for laser coaching throughout the duration of your coaching.
  5. Homework assignments at the end of each session.
  6. Pre/Post session updates to keep you accountable in achieving your business goal.
  7. Private client dash board to access coaching materials.
  8. Option for recorded sessions that allow you to revisit and review your coaching sessions.



  1. Two (2) additional 45 -minute sessions (total 12 sessions), to ensure your business success.

  2. Coaching JumpStart Toolkit BONUS

  3.  1 Complimentary Month in The Elevate Society.



                  $2,000 (Full Payment)

    (Payment Plan = $2,400: (2) payments of $1,200 OR 3 payments of $800)