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1. I come from a large family, and I'm the youngest of 14.

2.  My family is originally from the Caribbean island of, Trinidad & Tobago. And we're a wonderful mixture of African, Indo-caribbean & Latin origins.

3. My favorite food is, Italian.

4. I love all types of music: Salsa, R&B, calypso, pop, jazz, country and, reggae.

5.  My favorite & lucky color is, PINK!

6. I have a terrible sweet tooth, & I LOOVE ice-cream, ALL flavors. :)

7. I love scented candles, pink roses, & jewelry.

8. My horoscope is Cancer, and I'm terribly sentimental.

9. My middle initial stands for, "Leslie-Ann".

10. I LOVE to travel. My favorite places so far are, Hawaii and London.

11. My nick name was "squeaky" in HS, but my dad nick named me "JJ", as a child.

12. I graduated from HS, valedictorian.

13. I have a shoe, perfume, & designer pocketbook obsession.

14. I love the Spring & Fall months.

15, Bravo TV is my guilty pleasure in my free time.

16. I enjoy Salsa dancing.


My Favorite Quote: "Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful".  - Jacqueline Bisset, Actor.


 " GREAt business women are like diamonds, bright, rare, valuable, and always in demand ........"

I believe that every woman has it in her to be a successful entrepreneur. There is nothing I love more than to impart what I have gained in experience and knowledge, to other women who want to improve their lives, and build better futures for themselves and their families.

Starting a new business isn't easy. But it isn't difficult either. I can relate to many of the frustrations you may feel in wanting better and more out of life. You see, I have come a long way and was not really supposed to be a success, if you listen to some.  I grew up in single parent household. Although my dad was present in my life, I was primarily raised by my mom, in the very tough community of Flatbush, Brooklyn where I was supposed to be a HS drop out and statistic. I experienced many ups and downs in my life, have overcome adversities that were painful, including losing several loved ones to HIV/AIDS, and enduring the sadness of watching a family member suffer from the deep holds of drug addiction.  But, I loved to learn and school was my anchor.  I worked my way through college and grad school, and worked for some great and not so great employers. I have had a mountain of student loan and other debt that, I not only felt ashamed of, never thought I would get out of, even though I worked for a six-figure salary.

In 2013, after being a New Yorker for 42 years of my life, with no job prospects, and an uncertain future, I made the most difficult decision of my life. I walked away from a great paying job, and moved my family to Atlanta, GA. Since my move, I have   started my doctoral studies, held one of the BEST positions of my career where I learned about online marketing, and launched a business that has connected me to some wonderful people and clients. I now know that every experience that I have had, has prepared me for the present and what I truly wanted.

I've learned so much about management and business throughout my career, that it has prepared me to run a business and brand that I feel proud of, and has infinite potential. I strongly believe that nothing happens BEFORE it is supposed to. And the right time, is the present.  I finally took control of my life, career, finances and future. I did what was truly in my heart, I started my own coaching business, and I have NEVER been happier. That's how I know, YOU can TOO!

         Wishing you the best in business & success,

              -  Jacqueline, xoxo